About Us

“Square & Compass Promotions” was founded to explore the many ways in which Freemasonry was and is relevant to our communities, especially the community of Essex District (and beyond), with a particular emphasis on promoting the beautiful and historic Windsor Masonic Temple, in a professional and dedicated manner. We offer in-person and virtual tours of the Windsor Masonic Temple, for individuals or groups (following all relevant protocols).
At Square & Compass Promotions, we believe that Freemasonry can (and should) include a professional component, in which dedication to the craft, the Lodge, and oneself is treated as a professional endeavour.
At Square & Compass Promotions, we are available as necessary to answer your questions, provide information (from numerous Masons and those with Masonic interests) to promote our Craft and Temples, and converse on how we can move the Craft forward.
Square & Compass also encourages everyone to check out the Windsor Masonic Temple Ballroom website at http://www.masonictempleballroom.com